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About Beggar's Backgammon Terminal:

Play backgammon on FIBS like you never thought was possible. BBGT 4.0 is a whole new experience, and the amount of power at your fingertips is nothing short of exhilarating.


Beautiful, full-color graphics. 
Why strain your eyes on a scrolling text board when you can play on a board that looks real?  Turn the cube, roll the dice, and move your pieces: all without lifting your hand from the mouse. 
Built in match review (including JellyFish export). 
A long awaited feature for FIBS clients is now here! Review previous positions whenever you want, even while playing or watching a match. Options allow you to save and load matches from disk, and to export positions and matches in JellyFish format.
Statistics are tabulated for all your matches.  Get records on both your overall play and head-to-head matches, broken down by matchlength.
Player profiling.
View player profiles including an HTML section which can include images of players faces. 
Keep personal notes on all the players which get displayed whenever you receive an invite.
Real time players window.
View real-time, auto-refreshing lists of who is online and what they are doing.
Chat windows.
Have private conversations anytime with other users.  Use seperate windows for each conversation.
Ratings calculator.
Use the built in ratings calculator to determine your risk/reward ratio before playing a match.
Buddy lists and gag lists.
Get a message when your friends login/logout. 
Gagged players are silenced automatically as soon as they log in.
More goodies than other clients!!!
A bigger board with touched up graphics including animation (colors and fonts are configurable). 
More sounds, including background music (all configurable). 
More custom buttons which provide quick access to commonly used commands. 
Personalize the messages for tells, kibitzes, shouts, whispers, and player notifications. 
Automatic account setup features for new users
...and MUCH, MUCH more. There's just too much to list! 
Download BBGT 4.0